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Public Lands in Wyoming are our birthright, and they make Wyoming a great place to live. But a small group of politicians want to see our national forests, national parks, and other public lands taken over by the state and then privatized.

Please join the Wyoming conservation and sportsmen communities and help us take a stand to:

Keep Public Lands in Public Hands.

Your support will help protect public access. It will also protect our freedom to hunt, fish, camp, ski, snowmobile, etc., which in turn will help protect our local economies.

Your name and/or the name of your business, along with thousands of other signatures, will be provided to the Wyoming congressional delegation and to the Wyoming State Legislature. We will also promote your business at our Rally for Public Lands on Nov. 5 in Casper. We must all stand together with one voice and say we will not let the state seize our public lands. Our wildlife, open spaces, and our outdoor heritage are too important.

These are our lands and for all Americans!


“If you get this stuff into state hands, it’s not going to be available because the state would have the power to dispose of it, and when they get in a crunch, like they are, they are going to peddle it off and put it into the coffer, not thinking of what that does to the guys like you and me who know where this trail is to the fishing hole, hunting spot, or backpacking area, forget it.”        

 ~ Former Senator Al Simpson

For more information, log on to Keep It Public, at