Honoring CURED members

Sam Sharp, CURED Member 1941 – 2016

A fine and much loved gentleman, Sam Sharp died in Pinedale, Wyoming on March 17, 2016. Sam is deeply missed by CURED, and Pinedale. He and his surviving wife Bev gave of time and resources for years. Sam, long may you fish, we love you.


Keening For The Earth by Jocelyn Moore

I wail a Banshee’s shriek,in terror the threshold has tipped.
A sister to the street preacher,all sidestep and avoid.
A modern day Chicken Little. “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!”
An anomaly in small town normality, soothsayer of abysmal truths,
conservationist in a conservative crowd which believes politics, not science.

Connect the dots:

◦garden zones march northward
◦super storms submerge subways
◦modern Oetzi’s melt from glaciers
◦a dearth of bees, honey and bumble
◦military bases besieged by high tides
◦Isles of corals and cultures slip from sight
◦alpine ice and snow melt earlier
◦winter assails the eastern seaboard

So unlike the autumns in my youth,(six decades back),
when Halloweeners, ballooned like Bibendum in snowsuits,
shrouded their mystical costumes.
Now it’s a pirate or fairy who rings the doorbell, “Trick or Treat!”
Unknowing that the trick is on their generation.
Ignoring omens and signs foreshadows,elected naysayers won’t budge.
Righteous prizefights preferred to planning.

An apparition with a dried apple face,I shout for voices unheard;
screech of dust storms and desiccation,      
wail over water tainted by toxins,injected in underground aquifers.
No one wants to hear my words.

Wraith like, I wash away blood at the ford.